Is your organization seeing the fullest contribution of the talent you hired?

how to invest in Apple The success of your business lies in resources you already have: human beings with access to their full strengths.  State of Mind is key to that access. Ask us for a State of Mind Assessment for your organization.

Unleash the power in your people …

State of Mind is the determining variable in how successfully people perform at work and in life. Leverage it now.

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Team Building, Team Strengthening  High-functioning teams are innovative, cooperate willingly and communicate well to support business goals and positive personal relationships. Strengthen your teams now.

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Leader and Executive Development
how to trade cryptocurrency Give leaders a new human technology to maximize the full talent and potential of the people.  State of Mind is the single key performance variable that affects all business results.

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Strategic Change and Transition  Undergoing business-critical change?  Enhance people’s ability to flex and adapt to the ever-changing business environment. Build workforce resiliency and openness.

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Customized Training Solutions
how to buy Apple shares in Hong Kong Customized solutions are tailored to how, precisely, you would like to improve overall business performance. How to leverage the full power of State of Mind for your business.


“In 20 years of training I have never had a training with as much impact. This is the only training I’ve done that has ever made a real difference once I got back behind my desk.”–Recent Exit Interview

"State of Mind is helping me not to stress, to stay calmer and figure out what I can do and let go of the rest." (Statistically significant improvement in well-being sustained post-training. Ask to see the study!) –Formal mid-point evaluation of leadership training

"Will help me become more productive at work and have less stress."–State of Mind Workshop Participant Feedback 2012

100% of participants reported they gained a greater understanding of the connection between State of Mind and work environment. 95% reported a deeper understanding of their own state of mind and wellbeing at work. –State of Mind Workshop Closing Evaluation August 2012

"I take the time to think and analyze the day to day work and worry less ... I notice that I pay more attention to detail with less mistakes." –Extracted from Friedman Well-Being Scale Survey in Company Mid-Term Evaluation of Training Results

"A clearer state of mind will allow me to get more accomplished in less amount of time." –State of Mind Workshop Participant Feedback

 "What struck me was that this was not a tool, but was introduced as transformative knowledge. The more we reflected or just let it sink in, then it would be transformative."– "State of Mind for Leadership" Trainee feedback 2011

"I quit smoking on the last day of the training. I thought I would struggle but using my awareness of my own thoughts made it a lot easier."–State of Mind Workshop Participant Feedback