TrueChange Consultants provides Management consulting services for Human Potential, Performance and Human Capital Management.

Sustainable Change Training helps organizations unlock the natural resiliency, innovation and cooperation in people and elevate performance more widely, using fewer resources.

Who We Are
In short, we are business maximizers — consultants who share a passion for helping people live their potential.

  • We think of potential as the core of what’s possible for people.
  • We think of potential as what people access when they are not tied up in their stressful thinking and low moods.
  • We think about potential a lot. And we wish more people did.

What we all have in common in this group is that we each discovered, after years of working with, training and managing people, is that performance is never hampered by circumstances. All people have the ability to perform well or badly regardless of circumstances.   We each wondered about this and sought to deeply understand why this is true.  What we  came to see, and that athletes have known for a very long time, was that the key factor in anyone’s performance is not their environment or their working conditions, but their internal State of Mind.

Our two founding partners and principals, Elese Coit and Gabriela Maldonado, are completely dedicated to helping businesses gain the advantages and enormous benefits that come with an understanding of how the human mind and the human being functions: how state of mind links to performance. They believe people love to thrive at work, that work is one of our most creative endeavors in life, and that people love to do well.

They dedicate themselves to helping people thrive naturally and succeed and to bring the benefits of their successes to the businesses where they work, as well as the communities and wider world we share.

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How We Differ

Your training investment reaches far beyond the walls of your office building…

We give 20% of our profits to a non-profit organization that is teaching State of Mind in local communities across the USA.
About   The Center for Sustainable Change

The CSC is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to dissemination of simple principles for positive change. It was founded by Dr. Roger Mills. The work begun by Dr. Mills has lead to the award of the California Peace Prize.
All donations to the Center For Sustainable Change help support a Nationwide Community Resiliency Project in which the CSC distributes funds to local non-profits and community groups and provides state of mind and Principles-based training in local communities, groups and development agencies.

The Center for Sustainable Change is making a difference to under-served Communities, Families and Youth at Risk using the same Principles we teach in organizations.